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How does the KnowledgeVision online presentation tool compare with an older generation platform like Brainshark?

KnowledgeVision was designed from the ground up in the modern era of rich online video content. Video is at the center of what we do – it’s in our DNA, not just an afterthought. Just as you can’t slap wings on a steam train and pretend it’s an airplane, you can’t take a legacy audio slide presentation platform, slap video onto it, and pretend it’s an engaging video experience.

KV vs BS

How we stack up on features and capabitlities

Over 150,000 users leverage KnowledgeVision as a rich online video content tool as a Brainshark alternative.


Features & Capabilities KnowledgeVision Brainshark
Content Types & Sources    
Audio-synchronized presentations


Invitations to experts Check Check
Video-synchronized presentations Check.png Limited
Video clips incorporated into presentations Check.png Check.png
Quizzes and surveys Check.png Check.png
Native PowerPoint animations preserved Check.png Check.png
Interactive, searchable transcripts Check.png X.png
Web-page slides (any content you can deploy to your site) Check.png Check.png
Programmable zoom control Check.png Limited
Just-in-time footnotes Check.png X.png
Brightcove Integration (includes full video library access) Check.png X.png
Ooyala Integration (includes full video library access) Check.png X.png
Kaltura Integration (includes full video library access) Check.png X.png
YouTube Integration (includes full video library access) Check.png Check.png
Record direct from webcam Check.png X.png
Extensive Registration Module Check.png Check.png
Marketo, Salesforce Integrations Check.png Check.png
Email Notifications Check.png Check.png
Social Media Publishing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Check.png Check.png
Mobile Check.png Check.png
Design Options    
Out-of-the-box player templates Extensive Library Limited
Fully customizable players Check.png X.png
Thumbnail-based player navigation Check.png X.png
Collections library menu Check.png X.png
App-less Support for iPad (HTML5) Check.png Check.png
On-demand presentations Check.png Check.png
Live presentations Check.png X.png
Offline presentations (local server or storage drive) Check.png Check.png
Tracking & Administrative    
Corporate Single Sign On (SSO) Check.png Check.png
SCORM Compliant Check.png Check.png
Detailed viewer analytics Check.png Check.png
Activity-based engagement scoring Check.png X.png
Wired for Monetization/Pay-per-View Check.png


3 Step Brainshark Transition Program

Learn more about our simple three-step Brainshark Transition Program and join the 150,000 others who use KnowledgeVision tools for interactive video presentations.

“I am no longer a Brainshark client. I was for years but I am not thrilled with how Brainshark works or looks now.”

Marketing Manager
Architectural/Building Supplies Enterprise
“Everyone who watches our presentations finds the KnowledgeVision platform very intuitive and loves that they can skip around to particular chapters. The navigation feature is so useful for replays.”
Jayne Graybar
SAVO Group